Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Late Summer Sept 15

Changing Light

August bank holiday saw the arrival of the first Brocante and Vide-Grenier, alternative meets vintage in true Glastonbury style. We kept dry in a busy Town Hall while soggy stalls lined the High Street,  late afternoon sunshine eventually  drying things out. A French inspired event blessed by British weather.

Blooms adorn our stall at the Brocante

Nature and architecture in harmony new art on the wall of Drapers just off Chilkwell Street

Early September and the light is changing

Japanese Anemones bask in the late afternoon light

Work in progress dusky peach, lavender and soft gold

Lavender blue bloom brooch

Needle felted Tendrils small purse

Bee on Lavender in late summer sunlight

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Still Vibrant

Aug 15  Still Vibrant

The holiday season is in full swing here, the town is busy with visitors, some wander wide eyed in awe, some are searching for a 'normal' cup of tea, others are viewing  the place through the screen of an iPhone and a huddle of bemused coach visitors are looking lost and wondering why their driver has deposited them in the seemingly parallel universe that is Glastonbury High Street!

Magnificent floral displays garland the High Street.

A vibrant explosion of summer colour

In my Folksy Shop Tangled Tendrils Blooms

Rainbow colours and fairy lights on my stall display

My favourite rainbow dress with my fab bag a special order from Sarah Travis Art Design and illustration.

That's all for now
Enjoy the summer colour.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Welcome to Tangle Tendrils  photo journal,  blog and reflections 

For the love of colour, creativity and the remarkable town of Glastonbury.

This is all new to me so please bear with me!

I make no promises this work will be random, following the seasons, waxing and waning, responding and reflecting, with bursts of vitality then snuggling into hibernation.

I will capture, preserve and comment as I ramble through the days, recording my work, the moods and creative experiences in the remarkable town of Glastonbury in Somerset.

August 2015


Beautiful street art, explosion of colour that captures the magic and mysticism of Glastonbury then overflows beyond the boundary.

Loving the colours, inspired with creative potential.

Rainbow hanging decoration in my Folksy shop 'Tangled Tendrils Blooms'

Colour inspiration in my Garden

I managed to capture these transient beauties


Artisan Market, Tangled Tendrils stall display, reflecting my garden

 Thanks for taking time to read my first post. 
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